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What is .build?

.build is a new generic top level domain (gTLD) designed especially for the online needs of the building industry.

The internet is about to expand beyond the limits of the .com world. Beginning this year there will be hundreds of new domain endings, each one focused on a specific community, brand or geography. So for example, if you want to find out about the latest iphone in the future consumers will go to If you want to find out the menu of your favorite restaurant you may go to Or if you need to find the best electrician for your job in Los Angeles you might go to

How can .BUILD help your business?

Getting found online is challenging for all of us, with your new .BUILD website search engines will recognize you as a key member of the industry and drive relevant traffic to you.

Thousands of keyword domains are available right now that will help you associate your business with your key service areas and skills. Stay ahead of the curve and switch to a .build domain today.

AGC IT Forum attendees get the 2nd year's registration for free!

You'll also get the benefit of our design agency quality website builder coupled with a free two page website for each registration. Soon you'll also be able to pair your .build domain with a Google Apps subscription, allowing you to power your whole business (email, calendar, sharing) through your .build domain.