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Sept 2014

Registrars can now pay .BUILD registry with Bitcoin on Coinbase

The new Top Level Domain is the first registry in the domain name ecosystem to accept a cryptocurrency

San Francisco, CA - .Build, the new Top Level Domain (TLD) for internet domain names announced it will now accept bitcoin as a payment method from its customers.

.BUILD, went live in April of 2014 is a part of the new expanded Internet made up of many new TLD's beyond .com, .net and .org. By having a meaningful extension to a website or email .BUILD provides an opportunity for companies to improve their online identity and web presence with the power of an industry-specific domain name. These targeted domains will become an integral part of any company’s web presence and SEO strategy in 2014 and beyond.

"We are excited to be a leader in the creation and innovation of the New Internet," says George Minardos, CEO and Founder of .BUILD. "As security with online payments becomes a growing concern every day, it was the logical next progression in the virtual building world to accept a cryptocurrency standard like Bitcoin. At .BUILD it is our mission to constantly improve and innovate the way the domain name industry conducts business in order constantly provide value for end users."

.BUILD is the name provisioner of domain names ending in .BUILD, which and are sold through all the major registrar channels such as GoDaddy, Crazy Domains, Enom, Network Solutions,, 1&1, Tucows, United domains, Uniregistry etc. For a complete list of partners please visit

Jun 2014

What is Google Apps?

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It's simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters.

Millions of organizations around the world count on Google Apps for professional email, file storage, video meetings, online calendars, document editing and more.

Watch a video or find out more here.

Here are some highlights:

Business email for your domain

Looking professional matters, and that means communicating as Gmail's simple, powerful features help you build your brand while getting more done.

Access from any location or device

Check email, share files, edit documents, hold video meetings and more whether you're at work, at home or in transit. You can pick up where you left off from a computer, tablet or phone.

Enterprise-level management tools

Robust admin settings give you total command over users, devices, security and more. Your data always belongs to you, and it goes with you if you switch solutions.

Start a free trial

Jun 2014

Some examples of Innovative uses of the .BUILD domain

We thought we'd share some innovative uses of new .build domains and websites: or tweet them @nerd_build Build Better!

Jun 2014

.BUILD featured in Builder and Engineer Magazine!

Jun 2014

Great building industry uses of new .build websites

.BUILD is about a month into being open and available to all entities and it is exciting to see the number of large brands and small and medium sized companies in the global building and construction business registering both their company names as well as key industry terms. But what is particularly compelling is the actual USAGE we are seeing with .BUILD websites actually live and being used. A few examples... – W.E. O'Neil Construction, a well established family of construction companies that has been in business for over 80 years. – Associated General Contractors of America whose mission is to promote a better industry for the professionals who build America's future. – American Subcontractors Association who represent subcontractors and suppliers in the construction industry. – Construction Robotics is a startup company advancing construction through the use of technology – they do some really cool stuff, watch their videos!

Established companies, new start-ups, industry associations – strong evidence that .BUILD is being embraced as where and how our industry conducts its business online. There are even more great examples we will be telling you about soon.

.BUILD is helping to build the new Internet - one site at a time.

Jun 2014

A Q&A between CEO of Centralnic Ben Crawford and .build founder George Minardos

What in your opinion is an example of the best use of the internet in the construction industry and why?

There are many great examples but I am most excited about our launch of .build. For the first time in the building industry's we have a created a unique namespace that identifies builders by their web and email addresses. We have created an unlimited virtual real estate platform for Internet development and entrepreneurialism.

Additional examples of good uses of the Internet in the building industry a residential platform for design and build in the residential sector.

Project platforms that leverage cloud computing have become standard best practices on larger projects. These systems allow diverse users to collaborate on a web based protocol. These networks are by design software and hardware agnostic. I would expect to see some interesting disruption in this sector as cloud computing evolves in both scale and acceptance.

Other examples of Internet innovation are happening from established credible sources like The Bluebook Network, a one hundred year old company. They have evolved from an original print directory to an online suite of services, Recently we announced our partnership where they will be pairing .build domain names with their Proview site as a professional website template for commercial builders in North America.

Any idea of what % of construction businesses don't have websites?

It may be hard to believe in today's ubiquitous reliance on technology that there still exist many builders without websites,. The industry in general was late to adopt online tools and therefore did not fully understand the importance of their online identity. There now exist countless examples of builders beating their competition by understanding the value of their company's identity on the Internet, whether that competitive advantage occurs from search, improved efficiencies or professionalism. Adoption varies by industry segment, but in some areas there are upwards of 48% of builders without websites. That of course is about to change and I believe the industry is on the verge of a tipping point.

Can you describe your background in construction?

I began my career in the building industry over twenty three years ago as a result of following my passions and interests. My particular focus has been constructing highly complex architectural projects. I've always loved good design. Design without proper execution however well intended falls short of its potential. As a designer with such a focus, I was swayed to the building side of architecture. Additionally, my business training and entrepreneurial spirit have served me well as a builder.

What inspired you to launch .build?

As an entrepreneur and someone who is deeply passionate about the built world and it's affect on human beings, I have always felt there was a better way to build. Many aspects of how we build have not ever significantly changed. In my decades of work I have participated and helped create technology standards during the .com era to sustainability standards before the industry had heard of "green." Several years ago through the expansion of the Internet naming infrastructure I sensed the timing was right for the 7+ Trillion USD market to build better online.

May 2014

ASA: American Subcontractor's Association paving the way online with .BUILD

The American Subcontractor's Association (ASA) has demonstrated itself as a leading builders association, paving the way forward for subcontractors to build better by offering a .BUILD domain to its members. Through its ASA Advantage program, the ASA is offering members a path to get their new .BUILD top level domain which will help them get found on the Internet and improve their online identity for websites and emails.

To learn more about the ASA and .BUILD domains click here.

Apr 2014

.Build enters general availability today at 15:00 UTC

Builders around the globe now have a new name for their online identity that matches what they do. We are proud to announce that the New Internet real estate for builders is now available at all major registrars worldwide. Read the full press release here: Build press release GA FINAL.

Apr 2014

Last Chance for a .build Landrush application

Hello Builders!

After nearly 120 days, our Sunrise Period and Landrush are both almost over. It's almost hard to believe that we will be in our General Availability (GA) period on Tuesday April 29th!

It took almost three years of planning and development to get here! Our landrush closes on Monday April 28th at 15:00 UTC (8:00am PST for those who speak normal time zone) What is a landrush anyway? It's an early period before GA, where for an additional fee you can get in line before .build names become available on a first come first serve basis. After this coming Monday, when you search for a name on any of our registrars and it is showing as available, anyone will be able to buy it.

So if you think you have a great idea for your .build name and you want to jump in line, now's your chance...until Monday.

To see a list of our accredited registrars click here.

What will you

George Minardos

Apr 2014
26 – The FIRST Builder to use a .build domain

Check out this great use case of a .build domain! It is awesome to help builders build:)

Mar 2014

ICANN meeting #49 in Singapore

The 49th meeting of ICANN will be held in Singapore starting tomorrow March 23rd -Thursday the 27th.

In addition to the business at hand of new registries launching, there will be much discussion around the NTIA's announcement to privatize the DNS.

Mar 2014

.build on times square with AGC!

.build on Times Square Jumbo-Tron!

Mar 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The Internet turns 25

Yesterday on March 12th 2014, the Internet turned 25 years old. It's hard to believe on one hand how young the internet is, and that it is already 25 years old. We've come to accept it as a given that it's always there and always growing and improving. .BUILD wishes many happy returns and we look forward to doing our part in making the next 25 years as exciting and even more fun and productive, as we help build the New Internet.

Mar 2014

Equipment World does a great job of explaining the value of a .build domain. Thanks Wayne!

"Very soon, rather than construction business' Web address ending in a boring ".com" or ".net," contractors in the U.S. will be able to register for a ".build" address.". See more at:

Mar 2014

.build and The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) create initiative for association members

AGC to Join .build in Providing Opportunities for Member Companies in the Construction Industry to Grow and Improve their Online Identity. Initiative offers construction businesses new .build web and email addresses and a better way to be found online. Read the full press release

Mar 2014

.build announces agreement with The Bluebook Building & Construction Network

.build announced a strategic agreement at the largest US building and construction show CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 in Las Vegas Nevada. The show represents an immense unveiling of all the newest equipment, technology and product breakthroughs in construction. Read the full press release

Mar 2014

.BUILD brings on Internet industry veteran

George Minardos, Founder and CEO of .BUILD, announced today that Tim Switzer, formerly of Neustar and DotGreen, is joining .BUILD as head of operations and registrar relations. Switzer will team up with Minardos, Tom Brackey, ARI Services and the rest of the .BUILD team to bring the global building industry on-line via the .BUILD domain name.

Minardos commented, "We are excited to have Tim join us. He brings many years of experience and talent within the domain name industry. With his history of successful launches of other Top Level Domains (TLD), Tim will be instrumental in launching .BUILD. His reputation and business relationships with the global channel of the domain industry and especially Registrars, will serve us well as we move .BUILD thru its launch phase and as it becomes the on-line "go to" place for all building and construction businesses around the world". Switzer added "My decision to join the .BUILD team was based on both the opportunity to work with an industry that is as large as it is and also poised for change. The .BUILD team has done a great job to this point of getting .BUILD into its current Sunrise phase and I am eager to jump in and help keep that momentum going. The building industry represents over 10% of global GDP and the .BUILD domain name will give everyone associated with this industry the opportunity to identify and brand themselves clearly as to who they are and what they do".

The .BUILD Team will be at the CONEXPO show in Las Vegas this week with over 125,000 in attendance - look for more exciting announcements as the week goes on! About .BUILD .BUILD is the TLD designed especially for the online needs of the building industry, one of the world's largest vertical markets. From skyscrapers to LEGOs, .BUILD will be the Internet hub for builders of every kind. Conceived and run by industry veterans, .BUILD brings a wealth of real world experience to the .BUILD vision. The registry will be more than just another generic TLD, it will be an online community dedicated to serving builders through enhanced search, website design, news, information and virtual markets. The registry has formed strategic partnerships with the best in the business. With physical offices in Santa Monica, California, .build currently lives online at

Mar 2014

.build to launch to 125,000 attendees at the ConExpo Show in Las Vegas

.build is about to launch the new gTLD for builders of all kinds, at the largest construction industry show, ConExpo. Next week March 4th-8th in Las Vegas Nevada, over 125,000 attendees will be taking over the Las Vegas Convention Center to learn about all the latest construction and technology breakthroughs.

Feb 2014

Here is what you need to know about Trademark Protection with the new gTLD rollouts:

While standard rights protection mechanisms to fight unauthorized use of your marks exist on the web for all trademark holders, in order to take advantage of first rights protections and get notifications a trademark holder must also be registered in the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH).

Submit Marks to the TMCH

The Trademark Clearinghouse is the most important brand protection mechanism built specifically for the launch of new TLDs. TMCH acts as the authoritative online source for registered marks, monitoring any violations of domain names registered with a trademarked term. A private person or a company can submit trademarks for review. As new TLDs go live, the TMCH will simplify your registration process and monitor for any violations afterwards a new TLD goes live. Once approved, you will be given a unique code called the Signed Marked Data (SMD) file that will be used when registering either DPML or a domain in a Sunrise phase (The phase open only for registered Trademark holders). Any fees associated with the TMCH are not covered by DPML. To learn more about submitting your mark, see the Trademark-Clearinghouse website.

Dec 2013

.build in Bloomberg's Business Week

Great article on the new gTLD launch.

Dec 2013

.build enters pre-delegation testing with ICANN

One week and counting....On December 2nd .build started pre-delegation testing (PDT) with ICANN. This is one of the last steps before .build becomes added to the internet root. What that means in plain English is soon .build will be a piece of virtual real-estate where anyone who builds anything will be able to buy an email or website ending in .build. If you're really longing to know more about the rigorous PDT process you can find more here:

Nov 2013

Pre-registration of .build domains now available on Godaddy

November 8th, 2013: Godaddy, the leader in domain sales worldwide is selling .build domain name pre-registrations as only one of four offerings in the list of 1,000+ new gTLD's soon to come to market. This is a huge opportunity for both .build and for our potential users. Get a head start on the competition and don't miss out on a great name. Visit to reserve your name today.

Nov 2013

.build signs Registry Agreement Contract with ICANN

November 7th 2013: .build is proud to announce that it has successfully transitioned from gTLD applicant to an official registry with it's completion of the signed contract with ICANN to administer the .build namespace. Soon registrants will be able to buy a .build domain name to better identify and promote their name in the building space.

Jul 2013

ICANN posts new timeline for earliest gTLD launch

ICANN posted the latest timeline today that shows the first gTLD's launching Sept 5th of this year. Based on this information we think that .build will be launching to Trademark holders by the end of this year and available to the general public in Q1 of 2014!

Jul 2013

.build clears approval from ICANN

.build passed ICANN's initial evaluation process late last week, bringing it one major step closer to launch by the end of 2013 for trademark holders and general availability in the first quarter of 2014.

Apr 2013

NameJet and Afternic Selected to Launch New Top Level Domain .BUILD

Together will serve Auctions and Premium Sales of new TLD

KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Plan Bee LLC, the applicant for the new top level domain .BUILD, has selected NameJet, the leading domain name auction platform, and Afternic, the world's largest premium domain marketplace, to operate its sunrise and landrush auctions, and to offer premium name distribution for the .BUILD top level domain (TLD).

Dec 2012

Dot build expects to launch in October 2013

On December 17th, ICANN completed the new gTLD prioritization draw. Dot build drew ticket number 1049, which we believe translates into a launch date of approximately October 15th 2013. Of course the new gTLD process is very dynamic, and we will keep you updated on important events as they happen. Check back soon!

Nov 2012

dot build is now accepting requests for new domain names

Effective today 11/19/12 dotbuild is accepting statements of interest and url requests for the future building and constuction gTLD (generic top level domain).